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Dan Evans Email
Dec 28, 2014

I am a grandson of Gen Henry C Evans and currently live in Baltimore, Maryland with my family. During my high school years, I lived with my grandfather and enjoyed my time with him immensely.  Although he rarely talked or shared his WWI or WWII experiences, I am very proud and honored that he served and fully participated with the 76th Division (The On-Away Division). I know he truly respected the men he served with because of the way he treated others in his life and the quality of relationships he maintained with friends and family.  One remarkable feature I remember was that he was a man of God, had a very strong faith, and was extremely bright.  In his day, from my memory, he was a remarkable person and is missed dearly.  Sincerely,  Dan Evans  

Dean Thompson 
Sept 29, 2014

My late father-in-law Arnold Holman was in the 76th and after his passing we lost his 76th Infantry Division ONAWAY commerorative book. Any information on obtaining a replacement would be greatly appreciated.

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troy tucker Email
Sept 27, 2014

My grandfather, Louis Alcarese, served in 76th with the 364th Field Artillery. Battery C. His discharge papers list him as a cannoneer. He passed away in 1983. I miss him. & I still remember a few war stories that he told me. My mother gave me a little bluebook (given to my grandfather by his C.O.at the end of the war) listing all the men with their rank & etc. in the 364th batteries. If anyone may have any info or pictures they would like to exchange please email me: te_gee@hotmail.com Sincerely, Troy

April Johnson Email
Aug 24, 2014

My Grand Father Nick Greco Was in world war 2 but was stationed in Germany.

Francine King Email
June 2, 2014

My dad Morris L. Fodiman, from Wisconsin, served as a medic in the 76th division during WWII. After he finished basic training and various educational programs the Army assigned him to, he arrived in Europe at the end of the European theater of war. He spent time in Belgium before being discharged. He never talked about his service - until he was encouraged to take the Honor Flight. After he met with other WWII era vets, the stories flowed. He passed away too soon at the age of 91 in February 2014. He was very patriotic to the end and proud of his service in Patton's army.

David H. Taylor 
May 5, 2014

I am the son of Wilton D. Taylor who served with the  76th Div. in WWlI.  He was from Massachusetts and left the service as a Staff Sgt.  I have some of his war memorabilia at home including pictures from Luxembourg...on the way into Germany.  
His memorabilia includes Army preparation material for the invasion of Japan. 

My dad was proud of his service and association with the 76th as was I and the whole family.  I am also an infantry veteran (RVN '69 - '70) and wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the "greatest generation" and to all past and present veterans of the 76th Division. 


Con Costello Email
March 10, 2014

Searching for history on my dad. Gerald Joseph Costello. I am humbled to know of the acheivements of the 76th. searching for information on my father.  Thank you.

Margit Scherfer Ischovitsch Email
March 3, 2014


I am looking for information and a photo of Hans Madauss  # 18097100, 304 Infantry, 76th Division.  He was stationed in Altenburg, Germany, April 1945, for a short time.  Mr. Madauss passed away in Florida at age 84 on January 6, 1991.  His wife's name was Helen.  They were from the Bronx.
My father, a barber, was a German war prisoner in Altenburg, and I spend a short time in that camp.  I was 6 years old.  Mr. Madauss played a very important role in my life during that time.  I never saw him again and do not remember what he looked like.  A photo would be so very much appreciated.  I thought there would be a photo in his army records, but sadly there isn't one. 

My e-mail address is amsrb3@hotmail.com
I am also on Facebook
Margit (Scherfer) Ischovitsch 

Robert B. Westfall Email
Feb 21, 2014

It was fantastic to find a service picture of my great uncle.....Orlo V. Westfall.
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