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Dorothy Boyd Email
June 9, 2016

My name is Dorothy Boyd and my brother, Pfc Grover Fulkerson was a member of Co. A, 385th Infantry Regiment.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for action on 18 Feb 1945.  He never talked about this and I am just now attempting to gain some info about my brother.  He passed away 27 Jan 1967 and I have no one to ask about this.

Marian Turek Email
March 14, 2016

My father was Matthew Jozwik from Passaic, NJ. He was in Co. E, 385th infantry. He rarely spoke about the war, and passed in 2007. If anyone has any information on him, I would love to hear about it. God Bless You All who served.

Heidi Walsh Email
Jan 26, 2016


My name is Heidi and I'm trying to find someone who knew my grandfather John J. Walsh of the 76th division 304th infantry regiment Company A. He was a light motor crewman and recipient of the Silver Star and Purple heart.

I have never met my grandfather and I want to know more about his actions during the battle of the bulge. If anyone has any information please let me know. According to my records he was a man with brown hair, brown eyes and about 5'6 in height. 

My email is heidiannwalsh@comcast.net and my telephone number is 781-307-8365

John Androski Email
Dec 28, 2015

I am searching for information about my father. His name was Lt, then Captain William Androski, 417 Infantry, 76 Division. He was a seargant in the 28th Infantry, then sent to OCS in 42, then to the 76.

I can be reached at 917-417-8499

56 Sandra Lane
Wayne, NJ 07470

Louis J. Fiorentini Email
Dec 23, 2015

I was in Co. E   385th Regiment of 76th Infantry Division.
I was wounded by shell fragment that severed the Sciatic nerve of my right leg.    We were attacking the city of Ecternacht Germany and were on the outskirts in the Village of Ecternachtenbrook.    A fellow soldier from North Bergen New Jersey was in the shell hole with me and he was struck in the belly.    His name is Leonard Girovassi.    Age 18 or 19.    He did not survive.    I will continue the story later.    I am 91 years old.
born 1924.    Wounded Feb. 19, 1945.     my e-mail is louf3618@aol.com    I live in Cortland, NY  13045

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Jim Eggert Email
April 28, 2015

I recently came into the possession of a copy of the book "385th in the ETO".  In the book I found a Belgian banknote signed by about 24 men.  Most of the signatures are legible, but the only one I've identified positively is Bob Healy, who was the editor of the newspaper "385th At Ease".  I presume the others were also in the 385th.  Would anyone be interested in helping to identify the other names?

Kerry Wernz Email
Feb 23, 2015

Thank you from my heart for maintaining this site. It is invaluable! The history section of the 304th, in the commemorative book, answered so many questions for me. I finally, finally know where my father, Allan J. Orrenmaa, was for the year after OCS and before the invasion of Normandy. What an incredible year it must have been!! 

Lt Allan J. ORRENMAA was the football coach for the 304th in 1943. I recently found 8 photos of a chilly football game taken at Camp McCoy on Thanksgiving Day. They include the 304th band, the team lined up for photos and some plays on the field, including one that says "WALTON punting". There is a close-up of several officers on the sideline. They are identified as Capt McCALLA-Co L, Lt SWARTZ-Italy, Maj RICHARDSON-2nd Bn and Lt DALE-Co K. I will happily post or share these photos if anyone would like them. And, of course, I would be thrilled if anyone remembers anything about my father. He died in 1965.

Thank you, again, for the time and dedication it took to compile this site. I am very grateful!!

Ralph Schuffenhauer Email
Jan 17, 2015

I live in Saxony/Germany.My hometown Limbach-Oberfrohna was in April 1945 from 304th.Infantry Reg.free.Which Company is not known to me.At school the liberation by the Red Army was conveyed to us,the US Army was concealed and was tabu. Regrettable is,there is still,for 70th.anniversary,no mention of the benefits of the US Army,no honor roll or a notice in the city and environment.In the city's history,there are only a brief mention of the occupation by the US Army at 14.04.1945.The Red Army however,has a memorial to the memorial park.This but the Army has only replaced.The 1st place belongs to the American soldiers.In my family,there is a link from this time.The cousin of my mother is milit with the US Army from Penig in the USA.The unit is not known and witnesses are no longer on live.My mother was then 11 years and 30 years ago deceased.So that history will not forget.I am doing research on the events of that time.
This website of 76th.Infantry Div.i really helped.Thank You
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