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July 26, 2017

I'm looking for information about a private in the 304th, 4th Battalion Cannon Company who may have died in an accident on April 26, 1945, just before he likely would have been shipped back home. I'd be very grateful if you'd contact me if this story sounds familiar to you. Thank you.

Matthew Moyer Email
June 15, 2017

My grandfather, Alvin Merril Moyer was in the 417th. I do not know Battalion or Company. He typed up a bunch of memories and the war was the shortest one. He briefly mentioned attacking the Siegfried Line at the Sauer Rive. "

By the end of December I was joining the 76th Infantry division as a replacement.  I was assigned to the 417th Infantry regiment.  Again, there I was alone in a strange environment with no friends.  Time to start over again.


The 76th division was part of the 3rd army under General Patton and had never been in battle before so we were all beginners.  We attacked the Siegfried line at the Saar river and got our baptism of fire.  All of us were awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for that.  The Combat Infantry Badge is given for action under small arms fire.  The badge gave us an automatic 10 dollars a month raise in pay.  We fought our way across Germany for the next 101 days.  By April we were at the demarcation line.  This was the line that the allies had agreed upon that the troops were not supposed to cross to await the arrival of the Russian troops.  We were along the western end of Czechoslovakia.  This was our first break in three months." 

Tom Reasoner Email
April 26, 2017

Thank you for maintaining this website.  My Uncle served with the 76th, 302 FA BN.  Any additional information regarding the 302nd FA would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Cynthia Garrison 
March 28, 2017

Fascinated and grateful for this book posting. Found my father in a picture. Lacy Van Horn red brigade.

William Carr Email
Jan 20, 2017

4 months ago, I found out that my grandmothers younger brother (my uncle) was buried in Luxembourg Military Cemetery.  My grandmother, mom, uncles and aunts thought he was MIA, but all this time.  He had been buried in Luxembourg since 1945.  His name is Samuel K. Lua Jr.  His unit was the 304th Infantry Regiment, 76th Infantry Division. I am so proud of him.
I want to make him a shadow box and I want to know what patches, medals, awards I should put into this shadow box, to remember him by.
Thank you for having this website.

James Cloyd Email
Dec 21, 2016

Hollis Cloyd was the brother of my father Morris Cloyd.  The two of them joined the army on the buddy system but were separated after induction.  They were close to the same age, with Hollis a bit older.  As younger men they dated sisters of which one was my mother.  The loss of Hollis was very tragic to my father and mother and my mother's sister.  My aunt and Uncle Hollis would have probably gotten married had he survived the war.  When my father passed away I inherited his metals and such.  I gave them to Gerald for this site.  I want publicly commend Greald's tribute to our uncle.  Gerald you are one in a million and you have made my father and our family smile from heaven.  Thanks so much

Kassidy Dunnigan Email
Dec 4, 2016

My great-grandfather served in HQ Co., 3rd Battalion, 385th Regiment. He was an infantryman, drafted in 1943. Before the war he was a policeman in Naperville, Illinois. His name was Mike Ripsky, though many of the men in his platoon called him "Rip". He passed away at age 47, so I never got to meet him. Before this website, I didn't know very much about Grandpa Mike. I collect WWII things because I love history and my great uncle gave me his photo album from the war and a few of his things (aid kit, police badge, pictures, records, etc.) Thanks to this website, I have been able to learn a little more about him over the years. He was a photographer in the war and I actually found a photo of him  on this website in the Photo lab link. I'd like to thank you for making this website, I visit it often.

Jerry Wilson Email
Dec 3, 2016

First let thank everyone involved with this web site, this is beautiful.
My Father, Sgt. E6 Delmar E. Wilson (Curley) was in the 1st Plt. Co B. of the 417 Inf Reg, 76th Inf Div.  Anyone with history of places or names connected to my father's unit would be greatly appreciated.

Susan DeWolf Kitchens Email
Nov 19, 2016

My name is Susan DeWolf Kitchens.  I am looking for anyone who
knew my father, Robert H. DeWolf.  He was a 17 year old kid from Oklahoma. The unit was going through a wooded area and the next thing he knew, he was in a French hospital with a toe tag. 

Major Anderson Email
Sept 24, 2016

My dad, Harold Anderson, served in the 76th Infantry Division during WWII. He was so proud of his service with the 76th. I just enjoyed all the times when he would sit with me and we exchanged all sorts of war stories with each other. He was a draftee, and like my dad, I was drafted during the Vietnam War. I miss my dad.
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